How it works

We certify high-quality projects that respect biodiversity and improve local livelihoods, in less than a month. Here's how:

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How it works



We carefully select projects that preserve or restore local ecosystems, that protect biodiversity hotspots, and that can show durable impact on local livelihoods.



We estimate carbon baselines and monitor forest growth using a combination of high-resolution satellite imagery and ground data. Biodiversity and livelihood impacts are then assessed by our field team, through regular field audits.



We make your project available to financers on our platform who sign within a month and your project can get started! The financer agrees to pre-finance your project in return for its carbon rights.



We monitor canopy cover, seedling health, tree height and biomass in order to verify that the project complies with our certification standards. We guarantee transparent accounting of every tonne of carbon sold by adding each project to our registry.

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